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 Account activation.

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PostSubject: Account activation.   Fri 4 Aug - 18:52

For some reason the account activation doesn't work as it should, if you don't recieve an email after registering, just send me an email, and I'll activate your account.

Regaarrrrrrds, yer matey TuttermutS

Nay, I don't pirate warez of various softy's, I be surfing the vast seas with linux! -"Docter ik heb last van erectiestoornissen. *Aha, vertel.* Ja docter, op sommige mommenten storen ze mij"
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swash buckler

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PostSubject: Re: Account activation.   Sat 5 Aug - 14:38

As you did for me, Matey !!
Thank Yaaarrr verrry much !!

:-) Yaaarrring the vast seas of Internet :-)

The thing about binary humor is, it either IS funny, or it's NOT...
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Account activation.
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